“After being the victim of a head on car crash, I was advised to seek council. We had no idea where to turn and took the advice of a friend to call BLS. From that first call, I was treated as an adopted member of the Scheiner family. My injuries were quite serious and I am a senior citizen. After months of therapy I was ready to start dealing with my lawyer. Mr. Scheiner never pushed and let me decide when I felt like dealing with my problem. His great staff was so knowledgeable, they were able to answer most of the questions that arose. One of the first things that impressed was Mr. Scheiner told us to take our time answering and always tell the truth, even if we thought it wouldn't be helpful to our case. We certainly planned to do just that but it was reassuring to know he felt that way. It took about 3 years before our case ended. I thought it was over but Mr. Scheiner had a few items he felt had not been resolved. I had to have extensive dental surgery due to the accident. I was most unhappy with the end result so I sought out a dentist and had some of the work re-done at my expense. Even though the case had been settled, Mr. Scheiner went after getting me an additional settlement to cover some of my out of pocket expense which was quite costly. The check sent to us for reimbursement came as quite a surprise. I certainly feel BLS went that extra mile to take extra special care of their client.”

“From walking in people treated you like they knew you, not like you were just another person from the street. They actually made you feel welcome here.” – Chris J.

“It seemed like everyone I spoke with in the Bike community told me to call Bruce L Scheiner. It was a good feeling to know that there is a lawyer out there that you can trust, that he’s not out for himself but he is there for you.” – Susan W.

“They were a comfort, they were honest, easy to talk to and they were there when we needed them .I would trust Bruce L. Scheiner with my life, he has my back and I have his.” – David W.

“I didn’t really know how things worked, but they really kept me informed, walked me through the process pretty much. I appreciated all the work they actually did for me.” – Christopher J.

“This office has integrity, character and they really truly seek your best interest at heart.” – Betsy B.

“I've known of this law firm for many years. I lived in Naples for 40 years and I am aware of their great reputation in representing people. The law firm had a good reputation so I called the office right away.” – Henry S.

“I thought [that if] they were going to take a little case like mine and something bigger came up, that I would be thrown on the backburner. I thought they were out for money to get the biggest lawsuit that they could, but they actually changed my mind they made me feel like even the little people count.” – Chris J.

“You hear stories all the time about how the insurance companies want to railroad you. My brothers suggested I call Bruce. It was the best decision of my life. At one of worst times in my life Bruce L. Scheiner and his staff came through.” – David W.

“The best decisions I've ever made is having this law firm represent me. Very very much appreciated for the sacrifices that the Scheiners did on our family behalf. I really trust that God will bless them for their efforts.” – Betsy B.

“With the good reputation of the Law firm, I did not hesitate to call. I did not have to call another law firm to handle the case, and it worked out good.” – Henry S.

“To anybody I know that’s going through something like this, [Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner] will definitely be the name I recommend.” – Christopher J.

“I was really impressed with the fact that [Mr. Scheiner] physically called me himself, that really meant a lot to me.” – Betsy B.

“I have a lot of respect for the office and the way Mr. Scheiner makes calls on his own to stay in contact. I am very satisfied on how everything turned out.” – Henry S.

Client Reviews
Bruce L. Scheiner and his team were the most friendly people I've ever met they genuinely cared about me... I highly recommend them
I was really satisfied with services I received. Bruce is not only an attorney, but like family. He got me three times what I thought I would receive and was always there when I needed an answer on something. I'd say he is the best attorney I have dealt with in my 68 years. Harry Zulauf
I found working with the BLS firm to be a very good experience. They kept me informed on my case, answered all my questions, and were prompt when I needed assistance. Wendy Walker
I was in an accident and BLS was very helpful and gave a lot of support. If I had any questions, it was just a phone call away. Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful. Celeste Thompson
We had a wonderful experience with everyone here. The staff and attorneys were friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They inquired about our injuries and our recovery. I would highly recommend their services! Heather Bair Daniels
I have nothing but good things to say about this law firm. I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with their work and my end results. I would absolutely recommend these set of attorneys to anyone. Thank you guys for all the hard work! Merida McDonald
BLS was incredibly helpful with my case, even during the hard challenging periods of my case Bruce & PJ were always just a call away. Even though they couldn't answer my call at that direct moment, they ALWAYS made a point to call me back. The staff at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner were always helpful and friendly, if they didn't have the answer they would always call me back with what I needed to know. Robert Drawdy