Client Reviews

Nothing is more gratifying to everyone at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner than receiving emails, letters, and online reviews from our clients sharing their experience with our law firm. Here is a sample of what some of the thousands of clients we have had the honor to represent say about our law firm.

"I highly recommend that you seek legal counsel to represent you in the event of a serious traffic collision. With Bruce L. Scheiner you are getting extremely professional representation that considers and cares about your individual situation. They were there for me following my serious traffic collision when I knew little of what was to happen in my future. I came to learn that my recovery would require multiple doctor visits, surgery, and rehabilitation. I was not feeling comfortable with the thought of the expense, pain, and time required for recovery. The Bruce L. Scheiner Law Firm offered me the support and security that I required in my time of need. They organized my claim, case and even checked on my health progress following my doctors appointments with compassion. I can confidently recommend that they will do the same for you. Dan Dalesandro was the attorney assigned to my case and he was impeccable! I hope that this will be helpful in your decision making and God Bless!"
-Mike S.

"It has been a privilege to work with attorney Daniel Dalesandro and his colleagues at Associates & Bruce L. Scheiner. The journey from the time of my accident through the litigation process was less than pleasant. Mr. Dalesandro's calming nature, knowledge, and expertise, coupled with his honesty, integrity, and compassion, made an unpleasant experience worthwhile. thank you for your utmost care in making me and my husband feel valuable and worthy. God bless you."
-Sharon K.

"I'm extremely happy with my experience with B.L.S. There are very professional and they care about you and your well-being. They walked alongside me every step of the way from doctor's appointments to the medication process. Over three years after my case settled, I called to request all of my medical records from them. Not only did they respond immediately, they fulfilled my request in a day. Top notch! Thank you Bruce and all your associates!"
-Anthony S.

"The Scheiner team was very professional and listened to what our concerns were DAN was extreme helpful in getting a great settlement."
-Ronald L.

"I had a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver, I called B.L.S. after getting out of the hospital and they had me come in the very next day. I gave them details and they sprung into action with a very caring team of people who were looking out for my best interest, they left no stone unturned. When I left the office I was absolutely sure I made the right decision in choosing B.L.S to represent me. I would gladly recommend them to anyone needing legal representation. Thank you."
-Izzi R.

"My husband used Bruce L. Scheiner on two occasions, I would highly recommend their services as they are very compassionate and knowledgeable. They keep you informed and provide the best advice they can. Thank you so much for your service."
-Renee H.

"A while back, I got into a terrible accident involving a drunk driver with my husbands brand new truck while he was out of town taking care of his mother. This accident left his truck nearly totaled and myself, a 27 year old female, feeling like I was quickly aging into my elder years with all of my aches and pains. To this day, I still have pains, but throughout this process, the entire staff in Bruce L Scheiner was so friendly and so helpful. We had no idea what we were doing, but they took care of us every step of the way and were always there to answer our questions. They not only took care of me with my health concerns now, but they also took care of my husband in regards to what this man took away from us with his truck. I couldn't have asked for a more helpful staff in dealing with this difficult situation. They made the process easy and left me with no doubt that we would make it through till the end with no worries for the future. If you're ever in need, God forbid, Bruce L Scheiner and his staff are the ones you want to turn to."
-Kristyn V.

"Couldn’t be happier with how Mr.Scheiner and his team handled my case. They are an amazing team of professional and courteous individuals that treat you like family. If I was ever in need of anything, they were simply a phone call away. I can’t thank them enough."
-David S.

"I highly recommend Associates & Bruce L. Scheiner. I found myself in a situation that I had never been in before and hope never to be again and was extremely unsure as to what action I should take. Attorney Scheiner and his staff (especially Dawn) took care of everything and guided me every step of the way. They were always there to answer any questions I had and kept me informed as to what the next steps were going to be. I could not be happier with the outcome and can't thank them enough for their professionalism and expertise. Thank you again!"
-Darlene N.

"Associates & Bruce L. Scheiner handled and settled my car accident claim in July of 2019. I have been a court reporter for 25 years and I have to say this law firm has certainly set the gold standard in how to treat clients. So many people complain their own attorneys don't call them back. Not once have I ever wanted for a response to a question, either by phone or email. They were always in constant contact with me. You will never see a more organized firm. They have a process in place that makes it so easy for the client to present their claim. Bruce's office will do all the work for you."
-Shelly F.

"After my accident my husband and I were hesitant about contacting any lawyer, not having had a good experience in the past. Mr. Scheiner came highly recommended and from my first contact with his office and throughout the entire process we have been nothing but impressed by the professionalism and dedication of everyone on the staff. Each experience whether on the phone or at the Cape Coral of Ft. Myers office was positive. I want to specially commend Jeremiah Ambabo for his support and diligence throughout this difficult time. His encouragement and commitment to keeping us informed about the case's progress continued to bolster our confidence that we made the best decision in having Bruce L. Scheiner and Associates represent us. The outcome of the case far exceeded our expectations and for this we will always be grateful. We recommend Mr. Shceiner and his staff wholeheartedly and without hesitation."
-Theresa G.

"I want to share the experiences I had with Bruce L Scheiner and Associates after I had an automobile accident. Mr. Scheiner and all his staff are helpful and so knowledgeable. They always got back to me in a timely manner and I would recommend this law firm to anyone. I got to know them almost as family. They are credible and caring. Thank you!"
-Marilyn D.

"I love these lawyers. They help me through a rough time. Their very understanding and go out of their way to support you on your case. I won my case and Justice was done. I thank God for these lawyers."
-Pat F.

"I would never have received the settlement I got without PJ. He was a pleasure to work with and held my hand through a tedious time in my life. I really felt he cared about me and my quality of life. I would highly recommend BLS & Associates."
-RM E.

"I was extremely satisfied with my attorney because they were willing to travel to my home for meetings in Englewood. They were very willing to help me with me being able to communicate with my speech issues. They achieved a substantial settlement for me."
-Gloria G.

"Mr.Scheiner and his team were helpful, friendly and professional but the thing I respected the most was that they treated me like family.... If I was ever in need they were always one phone call away."
-David S.

"I am very happy with BLS & Assoc. I first met with Bruce and then PJ basically handled my case. PJ was so helpful in guiding me through all the steps I needed. I wasn't planning on recovering very much however with PJ's help I recovered much more than I hoped for. I would highly, highly recommend the services of BLS & Assoc. I am not computer savvy and with Covid I9 I needed a lot of help with video conferencing, etc. and PJ was so patient with me and made me so comfortable in an uncomfortable situation."
-Ruth E.

"My dearest friend was involved in a very serious accident in a store last year and while undergoing surgery, as a result of this accident, another friend called Bruce L Sheiner's office for assistance on her behalf. As difficult as this past year has been, I have a renewed sense of the goodness of mankind largely because of the help of Attorney Ben Russell of Bruce L. Scheiner's office who represented my friend. When I finished a conversation with Mr. Russell I felt so confident that he would do everything in his power to make sure my friend would have a favorable outcome yet never giving false hope. Mr. Russell always went the extra mile for his client and for me, her friend. I really can't imagine anyone representing her more competently and more justly. Mr. Russell is smart, articulate, trustworthy, and compassionate. He is truly a man of his word. Ben's guidance through this difficult process was truly amazing. Mr. Russell promptly returns all calls, is honest, reassuring, and empathetic. He is truly a brilliant attorney. Blessings to his mother for raising Ben to be such a good man and for Mr. Scheiner for finding such a brilliant steadfast attorney for his team."

"I was in an unpredictable accident that changed my life. It was a long ride going through very hard times, but I am so happy BLS was right there next to me in the passenger seat! Because of BLS, they made the best out of a bad situation. Saying thank you means absolutely nothing compared to what this team has done for me. My attorney made the biggest impact by fighting for me with everything he had, and by being one of the greatest persons I have ever known. I will never be certain when an accident will happen, but one thing I can be certain of, is BLS will do their best to treat you right and get the justice you deserve!"
-Matthew R.

"I am very impressed with the response time, courtesy and professionalism of your firm. You are an asset to the legal system and a blessing to people who are in need of help."
-Many F.

"I wanted to drop you a line letting you know how grateful I am for the excellent care received from you and your very supported staff. While we never formally met until the end in person, I did receive the highest care and professionalism from you. Being in a car accident was difficult, especially at 61 years old - 1st accident with damages! But I had you and your staff behind me from day 1. I will not hesitate to pass on you and your team to anyone who needs legal advice. Warm Regards"
– Mariana B.

"I was in a car accident and I seen his Advertisement on TV and I was very impressed of how kind and caring he really is to others and I called them and they took my case and they were very caring and understanding .. they were right on top of everything from being to end and the staff that works in the Fort Myers office were very friendly I would recommend them to a friend or family member if in need of a attorney... Thank you for your services and you made me feel like part of your family."
– Christina M.

“After being the victim of a head on car crash, I was advised to seek council. We had no idea where to turn and took the advice of a friend to call BLS. From that first call, I was treated as an adopted member of the Scheiner family. My injuries were quite serious and I am a senior citizen. After months of therapy I was ready to start dealing with my lawyer. Mr. Scheiner never pushed and let me decide when I felt like dealing with my problem. His great staff was so knowledgeable, they were able to answer most of the questions that arose. One of the first things that impressed was Mr. Scheiner told us to take our time answering and always tell the truth, even if we thought it wouldn't be helpful to our case. We certainly planned to do just that but it was reassuring to know he felt that way. It took about 3 years before our case ended. I thought it was over but Mr. Scheiner had a few items he felt had not been resolved. I had to have extensive dental surgery due to the accident. I was most unhappy with the end result so I sought out a dentist and had some of the work re-done at my expense. Even though the case had been settled, Mr. Scheiner went after getting me an additional settlement to cover some of my out of pocket expense which was quite costly. The check sent to us for reimbursement came as quite a surprise. I certainly feel BLS went that extra mile to take extra special care of their client.”

“From walking in people treated you like they knew you, not like you were just another person from the street. They actually made you feel welcome here.”
– Chris J.

“It seemed like everyone I spoke with in the Bike community told me to call Bruce L Scheiner. It was a good feeling to know that there is a lawyer out there that you can trust, that he’s not out for himself but he is there for you.”
– Susan W.

“They were a comfort, they were honest, easy to talk to and they were there when we needed them .I would trust Bruce L. Scheiner with my life, he has my back and I have his.”
– David W.

“I didn’t really know how things worked, but they really kept me informed, walked me through the process pretty much. I appreciated all the work they actually did for me.”
– Christopher J.

“This office has integrity, character and they really truly seek your best interest at heart.”
– Betsy B.

“I've known of this law firm for many years. I lived in Naples for 40 years and I am aware of their great reputation in representing people. The law firm had a good reputation so I called the office right away.”
– Henry S.

“I thought [that if] they were going to take a little case like mine and something bigger came up, that I would be thrown on the backburner. I thought they were out for money to get the biggest lawsuit that they could, but they actually changed my mind they made me feel like even the little people count.”
– Chris J.

“You hear stories all the time about how the insurance companies want to railroad you. My brothers suggested I call Bruce. It was the best decision of my life. At one of worst times in my life Bruce L. Scheiner and his staff came through.”
– David W.

“The best decisions I've ever made is having this law firm represent me. Very very much appreciated for the sacrifices that the Scheiners did on our family behalf. I really trust that God will bless them for their efforts.”
– Betsy B.

“With the good reputation of the Law firm, I did not hesitate to call. I did not have to call another law firm to handle the case, and it worked out good.”
– Henry S.

“To anybody I know that’s going through something like this, [Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner] will definitely be the name I recommend.”
– Christopher J.

“I was really impressed with the fact that [Mr. Scheiner] physically called me himself, that really meant a lot to me.”
– Betsy B.

“I have a lot of respect for the office and the way Mr. Scheiner makes calls on his own to stay in contact. I am very satisfied on how everything turned out.”
– Henry S.