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Case Results

Sample Results

The results provided are intended to illustrate the firm's experience in a variety of cases. Every case is unique and results in one case do not indicate the quality, value or potential outcome of any other case.

$13 million Recovered for victims of Fort Myers drunk driving accident who were critically injured and lost two young sons

$9.1 Million: Recovered for a husband, wife and 7 year old son who were in a head-on motor vehicle collision in Duval County

$44.9 Million: Recovered for client who was brutally injured after being struck by a car while riding his motorcycle in Lee County. As a result of the motorcycle accident, the client was paralyzed.

$5.2 Million: Recovered for a 49-year-old client who was seriously injured after being struck by a car while riding a motorcycle in Bonita Springs.

$5 Million: Recovered for a man who sustained serious injuries after he was struck by a truck while riding his motorcycle in Cape Coral.

$1.35 million: Recovered for client who was killed after pulling to the side of the Interstate with a flat tire and being struck by a passing dump truck.

$1.35 Million: Recovered for a Cape Coral man who was hit in Estero when another driver ran a stop sign and caused multiple bodily injuries.

$1.35 Million: Recovered for a North Port man who was hit by a driver who had lost control of his vehicle and crossed the centerline.

$1 Million: Recovered for the parents of an 18-year-old man who was killed in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle collided with a bulldozer that had pulled onto the roadway in Charlotte County.

$650,000: Recovered for a vehicle/worker’s compensation case for a 54-year-old Venice man who was working as a mail carrier when he was rear-ended by a commercial truck.

$650,000: Recovered for a 57-year-old client who was rear-ended by a work vehicle in Sarasota County.

$600,000: Recovered for a client who sustained nerve damage and spinal injuries when another driver made a left turn into oncoming traffic in Lee County.

$500,000: Recovered for a 53-year-old man who was hit at a busy intersection by a vehicle that ran a red light

$500,000: Recovered for a 53-year-old Bonita Springs man who suffered severe nerve damage and severe back injuries when a commercial vehicle turned into oncoming traffic on SR 78 in North Fort Myers.

$450,000: Recovered for a 37-year-old Fort Myers man who suffered shoulder, neck, vision and multiple lower body injuries when his vehicle was rear-ended at a high rate of speed at the intersection of Plantation Rd. and Daniels Parkway.

$451,000: Recovered for a retired Naples couple who were struck by a vehicle that ran a red light in Okeechobee county

$425,000: Recovered for a retired woman who was rear-ended at a Fort Myers intersection

$400,000: Recovered on behalf of a 49-year-old Englewood man who was rear-ended by a drunk driver.

$375,000: Recovered on behalf of a 43-year-old Lehigh Acres truck driver from multiple insurance policies after he struck a car that ran a stop sign on Palm Beach Boulevard and rolled his semi-truck to avoid striking the at-fault vehicle.

$325,000: Recovered for a 56-year-old Missouri man after the vehicle he was riding in was sideswiped by a drunk driver attempting to pass on Interstate 75.

$325,000: Recovered on behalf of a 70-year-old client who suffered serious facial injuries from falling onto concrete steps when pedestrians were directed into her path by an usher at a local arena. Client was forced to let go of the railing and fell.

$310,000: Recovered for a 63-year-old Georgia woman who was hit by a drunk driver on Airport Pulling Road in Naples. Client suffered neck, shoulder and hip injuries.

$301,250: Recovered for a 56-year-old Naples woman who was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle while stopped at a light on Golden Gate Parkway. The force of the impact pushed her vehicle into the car in front of her. The driver of the commercial vehicle was charged with Driving Under the Influence.

$300,000: Recovered for a 62-year-old Cape Coral man who was struck full speed in the driver’s door by a vehicle that ran a red light at a Del Prado Boulevard intersection. Client suffered numerous injuries to his chest and face.

$299,209: Recovered for a 45-year-old Fort Myers woman who was seriously injured after being rear-ended at the intersection of Summerlin and Colonial Boulevard.

$295,000: Recovered for a 32-year-old Ohio man who suffered a fractured skull and other injuries after his motorcycle was struck by a rental car on US 41 near Toledo Blade Boulevard.

$250,000: Recovered for a 70-year-old Canadian man who was rear-ended in Naples by a van owned by a limo company, causing serious head and knee injuries.

$250,000: Recovered for a 48-year-old Arcadia man who was northbound on Route 17 in DeSoto County when a vehicle turned in front of him. Client suffered numerous injuries including a fractured pelvis that required surgery.

$225,000: Recovered for a 34-year-old Nebraska man who suffered a serious back injury after he was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light on Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs.

$200,000: Recovered on behalf of a North Fort Myers woman who broke her leg and suffered serious knee injuries when she tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk while coming out of a movie theater with her granddaughter.

$200,000: Recovered for a 53-year-old Naples woman who was backed into by a newspaper delivery vehicle while waking with her husband.

$200,000: Recovered for a 34-year-old North Carolina man who was injured after his vehicle was struck by a dump truck on US 41 in Estero.

$190,000: Recovered for a 65-year-old Naples man who was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in the bike lane along Gulfshore Boulevard. Client suffered three broken ribs as well as injuries to his neck, back and knee.

$185,000: Recovered for a 71-year-old Port Charlotte woman injured in a car accident on King’s Highway. Client was traveling through a construction zone when she was rear-ended and forced into the car in front of her. Client suffered a heart attack following the crash and required two surgeries.

$175,000: Recovered for a 45-year-old Cape Coral woman who suffered neck and shoulder injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident at a grocery store.

$170,000: Recovered on behalf of a 58-year-old man who was thrown from his motorcycle after being broadsided by an out-of-control vehicle on Pine Ridge Road in Naples.

$135,000: Recovered for a 77-year-old Arcadia woman who tripped on uneven concrete sustaining multiple knee fractures, upper body and facial bruises and a facial laceration.

$125,000: Recovered for a 78-year-old Lake Placid man who required shoulder surgery after being hit by a car in a parking lot.

$115,000: Recovered for a 44-year-old Port Charlotte client whose vehicle rolled several times and landed in the median after being struck by a drunk driver who pulled out in front of her.

$110,000: Recovered for a 21-year-old Naples man who sustained back injuries when a drunk driver on Santa Barbara Boulevard struck his vehicle. The at-fault driver was charged with DUI and leaving the scene.

$105,000: Recovered for a 72-year-old North Port man who required knee surgery after a car accident entering Harbor Cove. The vehicle he was riding in struck a commercial mower that pulled in front of it, causing the vehicle to drive partly over the mower and slam back to the ground.

$100,000: Recovered for the mother of a 23-year-old man who was killed on his motorcycle after a vehicle he was attempting to pass turned into him on Gasparilla Road in Boca Grande.

$100,000: Recovered for a 67-year-old Sebring man who was injured in a car accident after his vehicle was struck from behind as he slowed for merging traffic.

$100,000: Recovered for a 51-year-old Tennessee woman who was walking her dogs along Lafayette Avenue in Sebring when she was struck by a vehicle. Client suffered a fractured back and other injuries. Both dogs were killed.

$100,000: Recovered for a 57-year-old woman who suffered upper body injuries when the vehicle she was riding in was rear-ended in a hit-and-run accident in Punta Gorda. After a pursuit, police apprehended the at-fault driver.

$100,000: Recovered for a 28-year-old Milwaukee woman who was the victim of a DUI crash. Client passed erratic driver on U.S. 41 and was stopped at Corkscrew Road when the driver slammed into her at 30 to 35 mph.

$85,000: Recovered for a 43-year-old Lehigh Acres man who suffered head, leg and back injuries when his vehicle was struck by a commercial vehicle that ran a stop sign at an intersection in Lehigh Acres.

$85,000: Recovered for a 78-year-old Naples woman injured when she tripped on a sidewalk obstruction leading to a restaurant.

$77,500: Recovered for a 62-year-old Fort Myers woman who suffered upper and lower joint and bodily injuries when her handicapped equipped van was rear-ended by a semi-truck loaded with skids of sod at a red light on Six-Mile Cypress in Fort Myers.

$65,000: Recovered on behalf of an 80-year-old Arcadia woman who was injured in a car accident on State Road 70 when a car turned in front of her at Turner Avenue.

$65,000: Recovered for a 36-year-old Iowa man who was injured in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle was hit by a vehicle from behind while traveling on Immokalee Road. Client and his motorcycle passenger were thrown more than 25 feet and suffered numerous injuries, including road rash, bruising and fractures.

$60,000: Recovered for an 86-year-old Arcadia woman who was knocked down in a parking lot by a car that backed into her shopping cart. Client injured her leg and possibly damaged existing hip and knee implants.

$53,800: Recovered for a 27-year-old Englewood man who suffered a broken elbow, multiple lacerations and road rash when his motorcycle was struck by a vehicle on Placida Road in Englewood.

$50,000: Recovered for a 30-year-old New York man injured in a car accident. Client was westbound on Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers during rush hour when he slowed for traffic backed up at a green light and was rear-ended, forcing him into the car in front of him. Client suffered a serious knee injury that required surgery.

$50,000: Recovered for an 84-year-old woman who fractured her hip and pelvis after falling on a floor mat that was placed at the entrance to Sam’s Club for the comfort of a door-greeter who was not present.

$50,000: Recovered on behalf of a 54-year-old Lake Placid woman injured in a motorcycle accident. She was riding as a passenger on U.S. 41 when the motorcycle went down to avoid an oncoming vehicle. Client suffered a serious knee injury, road rash and other injuries.

$45,000: Recovered for a 39-year-old Cape Coral man injured in a moped accident on Del Prado when a vehicle turned into his path.

$42,500: Recovered for a 52-year-old Punta Gorda woman who broke her leg after falling into a hole in the grassy median of a Wal-Mart parking lot.

$37,000: Recovered for a 52-year-old New York City woman who suffered back and neck injuries from being rear-ended at a red light on Hancock Bridge Parkway.

$35,000: Recovered for a 30-year-old Fort Myers man who suffered spinal injuries and severe headaches when the vehicle he was a passenger in was rear-ended by a large pickup truck on Edgewood Avenue in Fort Myers.

$25,000: Recovered for a 25-year old Punta Gorda woman who suffered lower body injuries when her vehicle was struck by a vehicle that ran a red light.

Client Reviews
Bruce L. Scheiner and his team were the most friendly people I've ever met they genuinely cared about me... I highly recommend them Brooke Krause
I was really satisfied with services I received. Bruce is not only an attorney, but like family. He got me three times what I thought I would receive and was always there when I needed an answer on something. I'd say he is the best attorney I have dealt with in my 68 years. Harry Zulauf
I found working with the BLS firm to be a very good experience. They kept me informed on my case, answered all my questions, and were prompt when I needed assistance. Wendy Walker
I was in an accident and BLS was very helpful and gave a lot of support. If I had any questions, it was just a phone call away. Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful. Celeste Thompson
We had a wonderful experience with everyone here. The staff and attorneys were friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They inquired about our injuries and our recovery. I would highly recommend their services! Heather Bair Daniels
I have nothing but good things to say about this law firm. I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with their work and my end results. I would absolutely recommend these set of attorneys to anyone. Thank you guys for all the hard work! Merida McDonald
BLS was incredibly helpful with my case, even during the hard challenging periods of my case Bruce & PJ were always just a call away. Even though they couldn't answer my call at that direct moment, they ALWAYS made a point to call me back. The staff at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner were always helpful and friendly, if they didn't have the answer they would always call me back with what I needed to know. Robert Drawdy
I was in a car accident and I seen his Advertisement on TV and I was very impressed of how kind and caring he really is to others and I called them and they took my case and they were very caring and understanding .. they were right on top of everything from being to end and the staff that works in the Fort Myers office were very friendly I would recommend them to a friend or family member if in need of a attorney... Thank you for your services and you made me feel like part of your family. Christina Mauro