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Ask The Lawyer - Radio Show

Kix Country 92.9

Bruce L. Scheiner speaks with Todd Matthews on KIX Country 92.9 every Wednesday morning at 9am to answer questions related to Personal Injury. If you have missed any of these features, we have archived audio files of previously broadcasted features here on the “Ask the Lawyer” page.

February 24, 2021

My cousin went to the local convenience store to get a case of water. It was late at night, and the parking lot was poorly lit. When he got out of his car and started walking to the convenience store, he was suddenly shot and killed. The wife contacted the convenience store owner, and they indicated that they were not responsible. When she spoke to a friend in the area, he told her there had been several criminal incidents, including a previous shooting at this location. Can the lawyer help my cousin's wife?

February 17, 2021

My brother was driving his Harley down Highway 41 when he was hit by a large electrical truck. The driver of the truck was charged with DUI, and this was his third arrest for DUI. My brother sustained a broken hip, and he will need hip surgery to replace it. The insurance company has only been willing to pay all his medical bills and lost wages. That doesn't seem right. Can you ask the lawyer if my brother is entitled to more?

February 10, 2021

My best friend was riding his bicycle to work the other day and a guy driving a van side swiped him causing him to crash. The police came and ticketed the driver for reckless driving. My best friend was taken by ambulance to the hospital with severe injuries. His leg was crushed and will need multiple surgeries and he may not be able to walk for quite a while. The driver of the van had minimum insurance. The van was owned by a plumbing supply company but apparently the driver had just been fired and was told to take his tools home and return the van. The company is claiming they are not responsible for his action because he was no longer an employee. Can the lawyer help?

February 3, 2021

My girlfriend was severely injured when a driver ran a red light. She was in the hospital for almost a week and is going to need future surgeries in addition to therapy. The person who was driving the car had only minimum insurance. He was driving a construction company car, but it turns out that the driver didn't work for the company. His roommate had let him drive the car to get some groceries. The construction company is claiming they are not responsible because they have a policy against any employee allowing anyone other than the company's employees to drive the car. Is my girlfriend out of luck? Her medical bills are going to be enormous, not to mention lost wages.

January 27, 2021

My son was riding his bicycle past a neighbor's home and was knocked off his bike by the homeowners German Sheppard. My son has a broken arm and knee injury which will require surgery. My neighbor has had numerous complaints about the dog getting loose. Is there some way we can recover the money for his medical bills?

January 21, 2021

My husband and I have been snowbirds from Michigan for over ten years. Yesterday my husband was riding his motorcycle by Nokomis Beach when a driver ran a stop sign and hit him. My husband was taken to the hospital with severe injuries which required emergency surgery. My brother-in-law wants to contact a lawyer friend of his in Michigan to handle our case, but I think we should hire a Florida attorney. Can a Michigan lawyer handle an accident case in Florida? We really need some advice.

January 13, 2021

My sister was driving on Tamiami Trail when she was hit from behind by a distracted driver. She was taken to hospital with multiple injuries, including several broken ribs and a shoulder injury, which will require surgery. It turns out that the driver was driving a rental vehicle, and the driver did not have insurance. We contacted the rental agency, and they indicated they are not responsible by law for accidents caused by renters. I also discovered that the driver's company rented the vehicle to make deliveries during the holidays. The company says they are not responsible because the accident happened before his workday was scheduled to begin.

Is it true that rental companies are not responsible for making sure renters have proper insurance? Can a lawyer help my sister?

January 6, 2021

My friend was riding his motorcycle and was hit by someone who fails to stop at a stop sign. The guy who was at fault only had $10,000 in coverage. He told the police officer that he was on his way to see a client for a local accounting firm. My friend was hurt pretty severely and needs surgery, and 10,000 is not going to be nearly enough. Is there anything else he can do to get his medical bills paid, not to mention lost wages?

December 16, 2020

A young man went to the beach bar and was drinking The Bar maid thought she was doing him a favor by pouring the remainder of each of his previous drinks into his class when making him a new drink. He was a regular at the bar and in the past he had been ask to leave the bar because he was too drunk. On this day when he left the bar he got into his car in the parking lot and when he went to drive away he struck another car. A sheriff deputy notice he struck a car so he followed him. He was speeding and then he crossed the center line hitting another vehicle head on. The family in the car he struck all had to be hospitalized with sever injuries. The drunk drivers insurance company said they aren't responsible because he was driving drunk. What can a lawyer do?

December 9, 2020

Our daughter is attending a private college in Jacksonville. While riding her bike on the sidewalk on the campus, she was struck by one of the school's golf carts, causing her to get severely injured. It turns out the driver of the cart was a vendor who was working on the sprinkler system. The medical bills are enormous, and the school claims that they are not responsible for the accident because the driver was not an employee of the school. Can the lawyer help? Do we need to hire a Jacksonville lawyer even though we live in Venice?

December 2, 2020

My brother drove his motorcycle safely when a commercial truck ran a stop sign and hit him, causing severe injuries. The doctors say he will require multiple surgeries, including having a metal rod inserted in his leg. The medical bills are going to be enormous. The commercial truck company will not pay for his injuries because they discovered my brother's license was suspended. He didn't know that his license had been suspended for failure to pay parking tickets. Can you ask the lawyer if he is out of luck? His insurance wouldn't begin to pay all the bills.

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Bruce L. Scheiner and his team were the most friendly people I've ever met they genuinely cared about me... I highly recommend them Brooke Krause
I was really satisfied with services I received. Bruce is not only an attorney, but like family. He got me three times what I thought I would receive and was always there when I needed an answer on something. I'd say he is the best attorney I have dealt with in my 68 years. Harry Zulauf
I found working with the BLS firm to be a very good experience. They kept me informed on my case, answered all my questions, and were prompt when I needed assistance. Wendy Walker
I was in an accident and BLS was very helpful and gave a lot of support. If I had any questions, it was just a phone call away. Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful. Celeste Thompson
We had a wonderful experience with everyone here. The staff and attorneys were friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They inquired about our injuries and our recovery. I would highly recommend their services! Heather Bair Daniels
I have nothing but good things to say about this law firm. I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with their work and my end results. I would absolutely recommend these set of attorneys to anyone. Thank you guys for all the hard work! Merida McDonald
BLS was incredibly helpful with my case, even during the hard challenging periods of my case Bruce & PJ were always just a call away. Even though they couldn't answer my call at that direct moment, they ALWAYS made a point to call me back. The staff at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner were always helpful and friendly, if they didn't have the answer they would always call me back with what I needed to know. Robert Drawdy
I was in a car accident and I seen his Advertisement on TV and I was very impressed of how kind and caring he really is to others and I called them and they took my case and they were very caring and understanding .. they were right on top of everything from being to end and the staff that works in the Fort Myers office were very friendly I would recommend them to a friend or family member if in need of a attorney... Thank you for your services and you made me feel like part of your family. Christina Mauro